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Flicker! Testers and Variations

It all started with some playing around in Illustrator. My goal was to create a design that had a star shape inside of a stair-step diamond shape, all on top of a checkerboard. And then.... magic. Flicker was born. And here's where the magic comes in. The three variations give the design a TOTALLY different feeling.

Let's start with the 3-Tone. This version is great for yardage, especially three tones that naturally lead one to the next. For instance cream, light purple, rich purple. In this case I really wanted to use my ice dyed Starry fabric that read green. I chose to use a minty green and a more saturated olive green as my other two tones.

Alright, the 4-Tone. This option blows my mind. You'll want to use the coloring sheet or coloring apps for this one... because the tone placement can give this option a totally different feeling. For instance, here's mock ups using the same four colors, but different placement.

The quilt that I made ended up highlighting some more of my ice dyed Starry fabric.

The last option is the Fat Quarter variation. This one is genius. I love the challenge of using a fat quarter to the max and this pattern is no exception. I specifically made the color placement so that an Ombre effect is given, an overall shimmering effect.

In the end, Flicker is simple, fast, and most of all versatile. Here's some tester versions!

Sydnee's Fat Quarter version: Sydnee's IG

Leanne's Fat Quarter version: Leanne's IG

Brina's 3-Tone version: Brina's IG

Islam's Fat Quarter version: Islam's IG

Melanie's 4-Tone version: Melanie's IG

Bailey's 3-Tone version: Bailey's IG

Tara's 3-Tone version: Tara's IG

Jillian's 3-Tone version: Jillian's IG

Heather's Fat Quarter version: Heather's IG

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